Banyan Technology Adds Ocean & Air Container Tracking to Comprehensive
Over-the-Road Offering

April 11, 2024

Integration to Offer Enhanced Ocean and Air Tracking and Freight Spend Management


CLEVELAND, OH (April 11, 2024)Banyan Technology, the leading provider of over-the-road (OTR) freight execution software, has announced a strategic partnership with GoComet, an AI-powered transportation visibility platform, to offer enhanced ocean and air tracking and freight spend management.

“We are excited to announce this strategic partnership that represents a valuable advancement in freight management solutions. By integrating our LIVE Connect freight execution software with the capabilities of an AI-powered transportation visibility platform, we are raising the standards for real-time ocean and air tracking and freight spend management,” said Brian Smith, CEO of Banyan. “This partnership enables our clients to achieve unparalleled transparency, efficiency and control over their shipping operations.”

GoComet offers unprecedented visibility and shipment monitoring on a single dashboard allowing Banyan’s clients to benefit from real-time visibility and live updates on container movement across all ocean and air shipments. They can also use the power of data science and advanced machine learning intelligence to automate their shipment tracking and better manage their freight spend.

“This GoComet partnership means Banyan’s clients will enjoy real-time visibility and live updates beyond OTR shipping. Leveraging the expanded capabilities afforded with AI-powered visibility provides Banyan clients with a competitive advantage in the market and an enhanced level of customer support and quality control,” said Rick Chappel, COO of Banyan.

Banyan continues to pursue its mission of bringing comprehensive, innovative shipping solutions to the industry beyond their longstanding history of LTL shipping solutions. Supported by its first-in-class customer service, the freight execution software company has recently claimed a position as a High Performer on the G2 Grid of technology providers.

About Banyan Technology

Banyan Technology, the leading provider of over-the-road (OTR) shipping software, delivers enterprise-level, end-to-end freight execution solutions. Our patented LIVE Connect® platform serves as your primary transportation management system (TMS) or API connectivity that supports your existing systems. Banyan’s solution provides a comprehensive suite of AI and BI tools that help automate manual shipping processes and identify cost-saving opportunities through multi-mode rate comparison.  To learn more, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About GoComet

GoComet is the world’s leading multimodal logistics platform that helps companies transform the way their supply chains operate, creating process resilience and driving double-digit cost savings. The company has been revolutionizing the international logistics space by digitizing supply chains. The platform has made it possible for organizations across industries to drive double-digit cost savings in their freight procurement and create process resilience. Since its inception, the company has successfully driven savings of over $33 million, processing freight worth over $487 million.