Tech Transport

Tech Transport Improves Operations,
Customer Service with LIVE Connect

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Tech Transport, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider headquartered in Milford, NH, realized it needed a reliable technology partner to ensure it continued to provide the best solution to its clients as the industry changed and digitization became the norm. Founded in 1983, Tech Transport offers a freight management solution that helps companies simplify their shipping process and has worked to meet and exceed its clients’ transportation logistics needs.


To best serve its customers on both its logistics and brokerage side of the business, Tech Transport needed to implement a large number of carrier application programming interfaces (APIs) into its transportation management system (TMS). While the company’s internal IT team was equipped to incorporate the APIs, the volume of Carriers, number of updates, and the need for real-time accurate rates, made them quickly realize that they did not have the bandwidth to maintain the APIs.

Tech Transport decided a partner that focused strictly on technology was the best option. That decision freed up the internal IT department to focus on the main operations of the company and put the APIs in the hands of the experts – Banyan Technology.

“Our goal has always been to listen to and serve our clients as best we can,” said Bob Freed, executive vice president of Tech Transport. “Our motto is ‘We work for you,’ and we really try to do that for our clients. … We work for our customers. We care. We feel their pain, and we do whatever we can to help simplify their shipping needs. To do that, we need the people and the technology. Banyan Technology was the solution.”


The company chose Banyan as its partner because of its expertise in the logistics industry. Banyan is also connected to more Carriers than anyone else in the industry and provides customers with access to the most up-todate and robust carrier APIs.

Tech Transport knew that Banyan’s LIVE Connect® platform could keep up with the technology, APIs and industry updates needed to ensure its customers always receive accurate information and carrier ratings. “We really try to align ourselves with partners that will help our core business and our customers grow,” Freed said.